At Oxy Capital we create and support the best matchmaking between investors and Portuguese SMEs.

Excellence drives us
  • To always go the extra mile in search of the best solutions
  • In persuit the best opportunitie to investors
  • Empowering porfolio companies
Teamwork in everything we do
  • partering with office colleagues for increased efficiency
  • partering with investors for the best returns
  • partering with with porfolio companies for maximal competiveness
Flexibility to deal with challenging business opportunities
  • Finding creative ways
  • Maximizing value for every stakeholder
Boldness to enter uncharted territory
  • Innovative transaction structures
  • Willingness to dissent
Fun always looking on the bright side of life
  • In daily relation with colleagues
  • When looking for the best invesment opportunities

Facilitate sustained economic growth by providing the right tools to SMEs while creating investment opportunities.